From The Advocate Acadiana Edition: How I Got Here with RedHawk Holdings Corp. CEO Darcy Klug: Needle destruction device in Texas public schools, may soon be in California schools in September


Published 1:54 p.m. CT August 3, 2019


Darcy Klug is CEO of Lafayette-based RedHawk Holdings Corp., which acquired the rights to the SANDD (Sharps and needles destruction device) mini in 2015 and redesigned the unit before putting it back out for sale this year. The company recently partnered with Dr. Drew Pinsky as its national spokesperson. 

It is estimated that nearly 1 million needle stick injuries occur every year in the U.S. health care industry. The second-largest incidents of workplace injuries are with recycling workers because of improper disposal of needles. Whether you are at home or a clinic, responsible needle disposal is a necessary task for everyone who receives injections. Responsible sharps disposal shows that you care about the safety both at home and in the workplace as well as the environment.

The SANDD mini disintegrates needles in seconds and is designed for home and clinical settings.    (Photo: William Taylor Potter)

The SANDD mini disintegrates needles in seconds and is designed for home and clinical settings.

(Photo: William Taylor Potter)


The SANDD mini is a portable sharps and needle destruction device that utilizes an electrical arc to incinerate the needle sharp. This process generates heat up to 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit within three seconds, thus eliminating any bloodborne pathogens. The SANDD mini is FDA-approved for home use and turns your needles into household waste.

Needles on syringes have the potential to cause injury through cuts or puncture wounds. Improperly discarded sharps can injure family members, waste and recycling workers or end up places where they are a danger to the public, such as local playgrounds and public beaches.

Dr. Drew is an advocate that mental health is an issue of the homeless in this country. Improper disposal of needles is a byproduct of the homeless. By partnering with Dr. Drew, we hope to assist in the proper disposal of needles and prevent injury and the spread of disease.

On July 1, we launched the sale of the SANDD mini into the Texas school systems. With more than 1,000 independent school districts and almost 10,000 schools in Texas, the launch has been a tremendous success. Both the school nurses and ISD risk managers quickly recognized the workplace safety, cost savings and environmental impact of the SANDD mini. We hope to launch the SANDD mini into the California school systems on or about Sept. 1.

Later in 2019, we expect to initiate an active social media campaign for marketing the SANDD mini to broaden the awareness and increase sales for the unit, especially for home and medical office use. We hope to have the SANDD mini both Medicare- and Medicaid-approved.

Before the end of 2019, we expect to offer the SANDD Pro, an OSHA-compliant needle incineration unit capable of incineration of virtually all needles used by hospitals, clinics, physicians, dentist, first responders, veterinarians, home health nurses and self-injectors at home. The SANDD Pro will eliminate the need for insurance mail-back programs. Within five years, we hope that our needle destruction devise is the standard and that it dramatically reduces needle stick injuries and improper disposal of used needles.

Julie Calzone